i had a dream that i was with my best friend and we went to a charity shop and we found a bootleg ween cassette that looked like weezer but was actually ween.. then we went into a car and went down this suuper narrow country road and sang along to little birdy it was so fun


i had a dream that i was doing a documentary about obscure crunkcore groups then it turned into me throwing up so much and saying i cant go to school then my brother and sister stealing my dads car, dragging me along and driving to what my brain believed to be a train station in bolton which was merged with a market place and some party hall thing they dragged me along and i am panicking really bad because i am supposed to go to school and for some reason the car despawned so then i look for the entrance to the shopping centre party hall train station and end up finding my school friends


i had a dream that i was with my best friend and we were moving a crt across the road near my house


i had a dream nightmare and i got strangled it was not nice at all


i was filling out records with these two people from the church i used to go to and i was complaining about how two things that were pretty much the same thing were in different columns.. then a phone vibrated and then i woke up lol


i had a dream that i finished my compsci work,, unfortunately it was not real


i do not remember much about this dream other than the fact my best friend was in it.. in the form of kyoko with a wizard hat C:


i had a dream that i was a dj... nothing much to it ooother than i hope that dream comes true lolol


i had a dream that it was 2015 again!!! and i was on my computer using audacity and for some reason i was watching a video about what raw files could be imported and for some reason they were .blend and .decspeech? and .decspeech for some reason could only be written in traditional chinese, or i am now thinking maybe it was just some locale issue that caused the file to be displayed like that.... i think a .decspeech file is just a glorified .txt file either way, for some reason i was expecting to hear speech when i imported it... but i could not hear anything! and the whole file was just pure silence which i guess i ruled out as 'not working'?? idk and will never know until i have another dream like this again :[


this time it was of a battle royale, i was with team mates which i guess i was emotionally attached to because by the time they all died, i begged to be killed but i couldn't die! all the music was in .mid format, and there was some girl with a crossbow who i assume was the best player... she was definitely part of something as other players who weren't in her team were rooting for her when she was shooting at me with the crossbow i kept catching the arrows and started trying to stab myself with them but nothing happened! also expected to feel pain but i didn't even feel that either!

zero zone was gone and i found out computor enemy destroyed it and i got really mad and exploded everything
the end!

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