music note to my rhythm game shrine!!music note

rhythm games are like my favourite type of games of ALL TIME!! cause they combine 2 things that i like: music + games!!!!

i started off with just like the flash games which were available that were themed around music.. 10 year old me was super obsessed!! and then i moved onto more bigger games and even started getting a bit competitive.. went from clicking circles to smashing keys!!

here i will go over rhythm games which i reaally like and enjoy just a tad bit too much!!! first i will start off with:

3d music note with headphones

whatever the hell was on flash game websites

3d music note with headphones
circa 2011 - 2015

i would say these are like.. the precursor to my music 'career'. there were only a small amount of games that i could find and play but i enjoyed the hell out of them!!

one of my favourites was probably virtual DJ.. when i was small cvrs i would play the HELL out of this... contained awesome drum loops and FX and silly little vocals which i would go around and repeat all the time,, the game was in russian so i'm guessing so were the voice clips so lord knows what i was saying at the age of 8,, recently i found out that the character in this game is actually masyanya, who is from a web series which started in 2001!

screenshot of virtual DJ

another game i used to play a lot was a game called dancing ant? it was a bright green ant.. and it danced.. and it was so cool.. the music you are hearing right now is from this game.. i have no clue of its source though however it sounds suuuper familiar!

screenshot of dancing ant

look at him go!

and many others!!! here is a collection of all the music games i know of and used to play as small cvrs..


right click > save link as !!!

osu text
art of pippi looking into the distance

one of the first.. i have known of this clicking circle game since uhh 2015-16? and started playing in 2017! (thank you osu profile)

i started off with standard, i colid only play up to like 2* and had like a really stupid HR phase.. i was also a mouse and keyboard only-er and like changed my keybinds like every other month and trieeedd playing competitively and gave up, and now i never play standard unless i am in a multi game with my friends..

then i moved onto mania, i started playing around like november of 2020 and since then i have been on and off with osu.. i am only capable of playing 4k 3.5* just about but i am improving i think! i only play casual now B]

osu ripple

dance dance revolution logo
character playing D.D.R

ok so.. my history with ddr/ddr-adjacent stuff goes waayy back to 2016! one day in school we had these people come in and set up some stepmania thing annnd i really really liked it! i thought it was so fun buut i had no clue what it was at all until around late 2019!

before i bought a soft-mat i used to rely on arcade visits every now and then and wished they at least had a ddr clone! i only play casually.. i am not good enough at this game yet =w=

now here is a list of songs i like

click on the song to play it!!

dam dariram butterfly keep on movin dynamite rave 20, november dub i dub candy www dot blonde girl daft punk is playing at my house

beatmania logo
celica fist pumping

my interest in beatmania actually started around some time in 2020 when i had discovered it from ddr..

my most favourite aspect of this game is how it uses hit sounds... its as if u r playing the song urself! i also love like the massive selection of genres there are! and how weird some of the songs are (the cat song)

so far i have played the ps2 games made! no luck finding a gosh darn cabinet cause there are none! ( in the uk afaik :[ ) but i really hope i get the chance to soon

beatmania as a whole has been a massive influence on my music and the music i listen to in general.. one of my favourite rhythm games out there..

now here is another list of good songs (imho)

click on the song to play it!!

good super ultra good

Togo Project ft Sana
Do u love me?
DJ Nagureo
more deep
Togo Project
salamander beat crush mix
cat song ~ Theme of UPA
2 gorgeous 4U
CLUB 115
luv foundation
Mikio Endo
La Bossanova de Fabienne
Hiroyuki Togo
Manmachine plays Jazz
Mikio Endo
Acid Bomb