dancy games

rhythm games are like my favourite type of games of ALL TIME!! cause they combine 2 things that i like: music + games!!!!

i started off with just like the flash games which were available that were themed around music.. 10 year old me was super obsessed!! and then i moved onto more bigger games and even started getting a bit competitive.. went from clicking circles to smashing keys!!

i had a moment in time where i would play the gacha+rhythm game games... but slowly fell out of love with them. i used to play d4dj, project sekai and cg:ss, however it was mainly for the rhythm aspect of the games. i don't mind the gacha so much, as long as it isn't in your face all the damn time!!!

currently i am playing stepmania and beatoraja, and i think i will for all eternity!!! i like these games very very much.

here i will go over specific games that i have played and enjoyed over the years!!

flash games

i would say these are like.. the precursor to my music 'career'. technically they are "music games" and not "rhythm games", but i think they deserve a place here. there were only a small amount of games that i could find and play but i enjoyed the hell out of them!!

one of my favourites was probably virtual DJ.. when i was small cvrs i would play the HELL out of this... contained awesome drum loops and FX and silly little vocals which i would go around and repeat all the time,, the game was in russian so i'm guessing so were the voice clips so lord knows what i was saying at the age of 8,, recently i found out that the character in this game is actually masyanya,who is from a web series which started in 2001!

another game i used to play a lot was a game called dancing ant? it was a bright green ant.. and it danced.. and it was so cool... and nice to watch for many hours

and many others!!! here is a collection of all the music games i know of and used to play as small cvrs.. please have fun playing around with these!!



one of the first.. i have known of this clicking circle game since uhh 2015-16? and started playing in 2017! (thank you osu profile)

i started off with standard, i colid only play up to like 2* and had like a really stupid HR phase.. i was also a mouse and keyboard only-er and like changed my keybinds like every other month and trieeedd playing competitively and gave up, and now i never play standard unless i am in a multi game with my friends..

then i moved onto mania, i started playing around like november of 2020 and since then i have been on and off with osu.. i am only capable of playing 4k 3.5* just about but i am improving i think! i only play casual now B]

osu ripple

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