this is the page dedicated to my beloved.... sonic the hedgehog franchise!!

WHERE do i start!!!!! well, i first encountered the silly blue hedgehog in.... i think 2011! ...from a really shitty handheld atgames console my mum found in the argos catalogue.. [trust me it is really that bad..! how did my brain at that time manage to even listen to the soundtrack WITH the offkey PSG!!!!]

i think the games it contained were all just from the genesis collection, so like bonanza brothers and ristar and stuff! i didn't do much other than play games on it..! i really wish i did... i could have played more cooler games!

majority of my time was spent playing sonic 1, sonic 2 and s3+k!!! such amazing games... so therefore i am a MASSIVE classics fan.. i don't think i even 100% the games back then but it was still so so fun!!!!! during my childhood i also spent a shit ton of time playing sonic games.. such as the classic ultimate flash sonic game, and final fantasy sonic, which was so AWESOME just to say. there was also this one game that i used to play with my brother but unfortunately i have forgotten the name.. i think it was like sonic battle arena? that was also very very fun.. fighting each other with eggmans machines!! just putting it out there that i was a tails main... for the record

my favourite sonic games atm are s3+k and sonic cd!! they are both games that are very close to my heart! i reallly love the osts in both games, they are really awesome imo. =w= during around i think like 2016 i kind of pushed my sonic interest away! coz i was tooo scared of being judged but! it was not until 2020 or so in which i became even more interested than i was before! thanks to what i call the phase of The Return Of Small Cvrs during lockdown! and i have a small friend group in school including my best ever friend in which we just constantly go on and on about sonic and things related to sonic!

did you know i went to go watch sonic 2 with my friends not too long ago [the 15th of april]. have a picture of us in the style of cvrs is bored in photoshop

[i was silver btw]


^^ that is a spoiler ^^
and OH. MY. GOD. i think my brain exploded!! i was constantly pointing out EVERY single reference i could find in that movie. like there was no stopping me from talking. [sorry other-people-talking-during-movie haters!] imho it was a really good movie and i loved the part where eggman was rocking out to pantera! MASSIVE SHOCK LIKE WHAT!!! PANTERA IN A SONIC MOVIE!?!?!?! AWW HELL YEAAAAHHH and lord knows how excited i was when we finally got super sonic!!!! WOO HOO!! i think that was the best part because i was also crying... and also i liked when sonic met tails B] cause i was also very excited then too =w=

my favourite characters are...

name: honey the cat
features in: sonic the fighters and the archie comics
personality: she is a fashion designer who fights to promote her brand!
abilities: she is very fast and agile, and has the ability to glide! she is very efficient in hand to hand combat and can also enter hyper mode..
facts: honey is actually based off of candy from fighting vipers!

name: miles 'tails' prower
features in: so many games!! some to mention: sonic cd, sonic 2+3 and also in the archie comics! as well as other media
personality: he is a very optimistic fox, that loves mechanics!!
abilities: he can use his tails to fly!! and
facts: tails has a fear of thunder!

now have some graphics! some i have made myself and some i have taken from other sources! feel free to take as many as u like C:

credit to the Mod. Gen Project Team and rosabelle for the sprite(s) used!