activity log

  • traded hommefatal18, caelestite04 to byakkun for idol19, toadstool09
  • traded neko-owo13 to hellstarares for ddr17
  • traded fodlan09, forceful13, wipe11, loving20 to misheard for otaku13, otaku19, osaka13, blanket12
  • traded baragaki19, 00704, arcusprima10, cataclysm14, clouds15, fleurdelys01, fuhrer09, magma14, rewinding10, sapientia06, sensei02, stickfigures18, stonefree08, wabisuke02, sagitta12 to aratakis for mac15, blanket13, clubfun01, clubfun15, darktact02, emblaze13, emblaze14, furmonster18, fuzzball06, fuzzball11, fuzzball19, lolita15, nyamo03, nyamo19, ddr12
  • turned in asobot03, 100friends15, bandit13, astra15, compassion15, brutalswing16, dazzling12, choromi02, byakko13, bystander10, cookbook18 to switchitup211
  • recieved from switchitup211
  • recieved pisky04, soleally10, narshe01, towel06, gryphon09, gawds06, levitate12, tenkuu11 from crazycolors231
  • recieved dexterous14, mac17, mac19, toadstool11, toadstool12, toadstool17, toadstool19, endless17, endless15, endless16 from new "release"

(need to update)

  • recieved exodia05, oasi11, fairgame18, apos06, worldthree01, octopus03, contacts03, wolfskin10, rewinding10, mekakushi10 from pokeradar313
  • recieved rulestime12, voidwalker02, 00704, butler10, clouds15 from mostwanted58
  • recieved tabris02, apocrypha14, experiments05, itegumo01, myu08, wabisuke02, tophat12, double20, hypnotizing15, dcn-02817, luminary06, composer01 from musicstation304
  • recieved flowerbed11, titanic20, westalis10, symmetry17, sunfish17, distressing19, thesea20, femantags16, dynamax05, queenbee17, pictomancer10, kemari03 from directions166
  • mastery rewards: toadstool13, lucidlenses15, a-rank0706, 1 blue crayon
  • recieved hitsuzen11, abh01, rarechips11, newton07, loop13, poeclan13, constancy07, prince20, telekinesis12, outlandish09 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa240

(need to update)

  • new release: kotobukiya10, toadstool10, cosplayidol15, mac13, sig_cvrsed
  • turned in ferret19 to crazycolors231

(+5, -1)

  • recieved 2 yellow crayons, 1 gray crayon, 1 green crayon
  • recieved multibug07, prankdevil20, lakeview08, sandtribe11, mcgigolo05, suture02, volvagia16, library19 from reading between the lines 335
  • recieved sleighbeggy06, shogunkayo04, risappe11, mtek-zero06, brynhildr11, pool11, bumbling16, sabers03, balloons03, romantia15, quicksilvers05, missiletainn05, sabers16, thorshammer12, thorshammer09, manchuria09, mysticruins06, cataclysm04, risappe18, cataclysm14, kanahana08, hakunon06, raimeiki15, iscandar15, stickynotes16, thorshammer12, brynhildr09, yewbow04, yakumo08, mysticruins10, pluviale07, yakumo10, logicshow03, iscandar08, gracidea20, hakunon10, blacktrump06, unmask03, yewbow19, sunfist01 from roulette001
  • traded hyakume19, lowborn20, madamered19, security02 for clubfun14, lastation09, nyoro03, obnoxious14 with shiranna
  • traded nicknaming02, jankenpon20, loops06, sig_cvrsed to tophatcats for bluerose04, chipmunk12, waitress16, sig_ange
  • traded absolute02, cheetah08, pilum11 to senchaa for native15, unowen16, unpopular18
  • recieved neongem02, cookbook18, sapientia06, laurentina18, neongem14 from nocontexttheatre309
  • recieved myprincipal08, dovlin16, hotelpool08, specialeyes18, permission17 from nocontexttheatre308
  • recieved pictomancer16, string407, cathedra11, neongem03, vultur20 from nocontexttheatre307
  • recieved nociceptor10, fiberhero05, tradition20, shipon17, boneclub13 from nocontexttheatre306
  • recieved bloodbag04, ectoplasm11, schoolnurse13, salmiak13, mikrokosmos06 from nocontexttheatre305
  • recieved daein16, eyepatches20, tackle02, kajiyuu14, christmas10, romipaku09 from decklover355
  • recieved tanakaa02, natsus19, sol07, gakuenk03, jobs07, oninonaku06 from decklover356
  • recieved fairytales10, dancers04, seitokai11, bikinis06, holmes18, novbirthday02 from decklover357
  • recieved alchemists08, mobage14, archers03, passiontype16, splash14, brothers04 from decklover358
  • recieved kinkan09, spellcaster10, onoken13, orange04, guertena15, rivercity11 from decklover359
  • recieved level119, taomagic07, natsus18, jobs01, escaped06, thecrows11 from decklover360
  • recieved dreamyball18, devious06, nightfall14, sentinels20, forestpiano06, sidecut06 from playerreport237
  • recieved toadstool09, uu01, dexterous15, bloodyfesta01, idol13, cosplayidol14, enthrall07, mac12, dexterous16, megadrive04, endless14, dexterous18 from littlespellacademia254
  • level up rewards: dexterous19, toadstool08, ulster03, satella16, swimming12, forceful13, playthehero01, flair13, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon
  • gifted redroom16, 4 purple crayons to damo

(+147, -11)

  • traded speaker15, cheerful03 to prisma for sharpshooter02, usasan08
  • gifted toadstool20 from prisma
  • recieved jiggies04, fuhrer09, teasing10, god08, poisonous01, azothsword20, tenswords04, androgynous03, figaro03, waitress16 from pokeradar312
  • recieved ghibli18, neongem13, fodlan01, dexterous05, bond09 from mostwanted57
  • recieved bombraid04, virus12, tutoring14, extreme09, questioning07, overcautious14, sundress13, cavernoftime15, wield17, kipass10 from crazycolors230
  • recieved thestray04, dreadlocks02, fleurir16, dismay09, mindbadge11, seacrystal12, pickpocket13 from hostclubgiveaway233

(+37, -2)

  • recieved 2 red crayons, 1 orange crayon, 1 gray crayon from colorseum55-4
  • recieved cybernetic17, cybernetic16, runesage02, urusei17 from swapstation200
  • recieved crocea10, kagemusha10, ladle13, ramen20, hapiara14, marysue12, pureblood17, strikers14 from readingbetweenthelines334
  • revieved gamer10, pinkpetal16, runner07, bloodseals16, ancestor09, keffiyah19, absolute02, torule06, upclose13, keystone14, dcn-02505, ideo-delta14, heatwave16, chee-su18, licking10, androphobia09, oranges19, dragonblood12, taekwondo13, sensei02, flute18, assal07, schwarze14, weakness01, childofgod10, sphinx211, styx20, parfait06, makuhita13, oneforall07, 1 blue crayon from colorsconcentration001
  • recieved blackmage13, knight-hart02, exchanger18, aki09, stickfigures18, 3moles05 from hi-5radio193
  • activity rewards: brand08, sorcery09, bubblegum12, grenades08, astra15, elecspark01, stone-face18, sheikahslate12, loops06, starry16, lottery01, onee-sama07, domination04, junk20, arvess12, moe09, momiji10, xinyi03, wipe16, sexta09, valet01, cthugha18, loving20, boycott13, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon
  • traded woodsman06, woodsman18, adventure18, animalcare13, animalcare15, heartsgame05, ironmaiden19, solaria04, spadesgame12 to admiral for mac16, cybernetic19, idol14, toadstool20, otaku14, ectoplasm15, usasan15, yuri04, bloodyfesta05
  • recieved mac11, cosplayidol13, toadstool06, furniture05, otaku05, endless12, mac12, dexterous08, idol09, toadstool07, endless13, idol11, cybernetic18, femantags01 from littlespellacademia253

(+103, +9)

  • traded toytoy20, confession16, umibozu13 to lingon for osaka05, toadstool15, 199802

(+3, -3)

  • gifted europeans14 to syarapi
  • recieved endless11 from magaru
  • recieved hapiara06, snowwhite15, tasco06, reporter09, bandit13, siva03, alexandria14, ferret19, soleally02, heartshaped19, indecision15, huckfinn12, hellafire08, theta16, joyeuse20, warden14 from coloringbook298
  • recieved 77-b11, mflove13, adaptations11, tsubasa11, dependence13, dazzling12 from ladyluckslots096
  • gifted cybernetic09 from syarapi
  • valentines day rewards: dropi04, layer02, food09, demonchild14, chevalier02, wipe11, luck-pusher20, petal03, buckler15, xgp05, skeleton04, bondage09, borrow06, desudayo18, feles13, okimunpe20, cook06, billiard20, stonefree08, atelier17, bokken12, porsche11, umibozu13, chick16, fuzzball18, panda09, hayamin17, ise16, sakurait20, killertennis19, overeat18, hypnotize19, landfriend06, shiningone16, simpleton10, escort10, pacifism18, chronojet04, archivist14, unmarked10, wallmarket18, spacepirate04, spadesgame12, momokan08, forgiven09, yao-er03, chromatus15, hishinunit12, redroom16, ardent01, eikons12, king14, shaolin17, carpenter08, morganatic15, shinigami17, jump07, rev01, subway16, saplings08, virus04, asobot03, yoshiko15, daughter04, wingzero02, lemon11, manaegg19, tsundere11, thebetrayer09, magma14
  • gifted cosplayidol10 from homunculusak
  • recieved magegeneral20, kaijuidol15, values05, maleprotags01, sprout08, wormhole03, aroused20, ueno18 from guessthecolor309
  • recieved adventure18, tenjiryuu20, humilau05, confession16, babytalk17, horse-like06, dozing07, brains16, bouncer11, otters15 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa239
  • recieved funbags18, sukonbu10, gammaray06 from gofish!350
  • recieved agedout11, primeval19, hungrywolf03, cheetah08, paruru18, mepo19, elegia01, teamaqua09, yaksha09, kaleido03 from sillyblanks153
  • turned in pacifism18 to deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa240
  • turned in cybernetic08, cybernetic11, urusei02, runesage15 to swapstation200

(+126, -1)

  • recieved beards09, swordspirit01, solaria04, fruity16, accountant02, scarring08, dioxide14, treasurer06, metalrod03, ironmaiden19 from pokeradar311
  • turned in 3 purple crayons for cybernetic08, cybernetic07, cybernetic10
  • sketchpad rewards: mysong05, agedout11, precioustone04, nomercy11, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon
  • recieved woodsman18, snapping06, nicknaming02, fodlan09, blackrabbit07 from mostwanted56
  • traded holmes16, loops09, cocteau12, cocteau19, crownclip17, drawing12, flight14, judicial16, lettuce07, memoria10, saberface16, sorcery12, yukiatsu12, flirt06, return14, brahmastra06, coquettish03, bumbling12, deltaflight03, scooter15, ddr08 to moes for dexterous17, osaka14, toadstool18, bloodyfesta12, clubfun10, lemu05, native13, native17, niceboat15, nyamo15, unowen12, unowen15, udonge19, boom15, waitress03, wired08, uu10, unpopular11, silpelit04
  • gifted 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon from moes
  • traded tactless02 to drmcasts for bloodyrose14
  • turned in fullarms09, toolbox17, spiritforest04 to natsumesbookofcards131

(+42, -24)

  • gifted magicshow12 to moes
  • recieved 199807, idol20, cybernetic11, sugarmelody19 from swapstation199
  • recieved pe05, eyes08, bluescarf09, accountant03, vahruta01, peace04 from playerreport236
  • recieved sharingan03, threesizes08, foul02, lovermode09, raildex15, exchanger20, cinema04, fullarms09, dull12, unrequited14 from crazycolors229
  • recieved endless09, dexterous11, toadstool03, dexterous12, mac08, mac09, dexterous13, cybernetic12, cybernetic14, idol08, cybernetic15, otaku04, endless10, toadstool05, ddr04 from littlespellacademia252


  • turned in relaxed13 to crazycolors229


  • recieved driving01, palette11, garrison08, juice09, oujuu01, front19, restricted10, sanadaschool14, cybernetic13, snakes16 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa238
  • recieved wildhunt08, mokuton03, coronation03, average18, paperthin15, graveborns02, viena04, bluerose18, yamaken10, hitoriomou13 from stampcard037
  • recieved squishy14, loops09, mudabijin14, jankenpon20, toilette11, holyark09, pilum11, elivagar04 from guessthecolor308
  • gifted idol07 from gloomlee
  • gifted idol16 from misheard
  • recieved 1 purple crayon, 2 green crayons, 1 yellow crayon from colorseum55-3
  • recieved evildoer12, weakness17, cocteau19, crimelab11, rocker16, clowns20, durandal14, whisker20, kazamidori04, immelmann08, natsus06, bladesaint20, adepts07, clowndrop16, huckfinn17, keeper06, woodsman06, highrollers18, theinferno05, activities17 from puzzlechains250
  • recieved meido18, twosides02, shimonnu08, darkmay16, zhenjun17, sealand12, flight14, soccer15 from readingbetweenthelines333
  • turned in 199810, idol05, cybernetic04, sugarmelody16 to swapstation199
  • turned in scholarship19 to deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa239
  • turned in horseriding18, wary11 to sillyblanks153
  • gifted reddragoon15 to misheard
  • gifted ailecrono10, shipon08, tripping13 to shiranna


  • recieved bugkingdom10, speed15, bone10, reason03, jaded03, beastiv02, speaker15 from hostclubgiveaway232
  • traded neverland14, remind04 to admiral for ddr03, idol12
  • recieved chainsaw09, kork05, animalcare15, brahmastra06, tenwolf11, nine-tailed10, animalcare13, babyfox15, heartsgame05, lore18, pictomancer17, lotossomno01, coquettish03, medicinal10, drumisland20, fieldwork10 from coloringbook297
  • traded abettor17, castle15, design10, four15, heartshaped16, kork05, nun05, ogikubo11, precure10, referee04, sakurafubuki08, suidream19, utilitarian03, wearsamask13 to tophatcats for 199805, 199810, earthelmt12, kittywitch03, reiiden04, sugarmelody16, swordbreaker11, tao05, unowen10, unseasonal10, ursula09, urusei02, vegetarian02, yomi11
  • gifted peachclass20 from admiral
  • gifted idol06 from vaini
  • mastery rewards: endless08, shigofumi04, wait12, 1 orange crayon
  • gifted dragonhead05 to senchaa
  • gifted seawitch07 to carousel

(+41, -17)

  • recieved baragaki19, dechuwa06, develop12, toytoy20, petowl03 from mostwanted55
  • sketchpad rewards: cheerful03, reddragoon15, ignis05, satinribbon15, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon


  • traded creaming17, avarice17, crimson03, momokan07, tsuguko17 to neverbepractical for ddr02, ddr10, ddr14, idol10, osaka03
  • gifted osaka18 from neverbepractical

(+6, -5)

  • gifted endless06 from moes
  • gifted peachclass14 from sage
  • gifted radio15 from drmcasts
  • gifted megadrive05 from larecrow
  • gifted snuggle16 to wanderlast
  • traded 20million02, aetheryte08, crownclip17, devotee14, haa-chan08, lesson20, loligothic09, mypace06 to wanderlast for blanket04, bloodyfesta06, fractureray13, reiiden13, reiiden17, urusei20, utsuwa08, utsuwa12
  • recieved dexterous05, peachclass15, peachclass16, peachclass17, peachclass18, mac07, peachclass19, otaku02, idol05, cosplayidol08, endless07 from littlespellacademia251
  • traded saberface15, tatari10, macedon13, achtung03 to misheard for cybernetic06, ddr15, dexterous09, dexterous10
  • traded abraxas14, brightnight04, erasure10, erasure10, riverbank03, holylance06 to sanshoku for mac19, idol05, furniture06, urusei11, yuri20, toadstool14
  • gifted 2 yellow crayons from sanshoku
  • traded infiltrator13, juniorarmy01 to needles for emblaze08, runesage10
  • gifted urusei19 from needles

(+23, -9)

  • recieved 2 blue crayons, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon from colorseum55-2
  • recieved daein14, onod18, compassion15, lesson20, europeans14, augbirthday11 from ladyluckslots093
  • recieved bluebear13, konghou08, wives10, polearms12, white02, nobodies03 from ladyluckslots094
  • recieved castle15, umbrella06, reiiden03, heartache01, citro17, ko07, critical18, choromi02, deargho07, badpun01, hat04, bellemoi08, greatardent17, nanika12, stargaze12, curtsy11, suidream19, patroller20, undertaker18, fivedays12, magicshow12, half-elf09, furmonster16, newgen17, remind04, ultimarain20, teardrop02, nora08, ooji-ya17, misguided20, 1 green crayon from puzzlechains249
  • recieved tsuguko17, nuisance04, hyakkiyakou09, tong-an02, twinknives05, drawing12, verdancy10, flirt06 from readingbetweenthelines332
  • level up rewards: peachclass12, galeon15, doha07, happy-go01, 1 green crayon
  • turned in spells05, sphinx05, sadistic20, nanika12, ares03, ko07, earthpulse14 to potofgold111

(+54, -7)

  • recieved pigtails04, plusultra06, infertile09, abettor17, madamered19, achtung03, vengeful07, callous06, macedon13, charme15, lore06, kork05, mir14, owner17, gormotti08, pain18 from coloringbook297
  • turned in curesunny16, leo11, alamode03, cureearth16, apologetic05, arba20 to switchitup209
  • recieved tails19, clubfun04, urusei15, reiiden20, bloodyfesta02, niceboat12 from switchitup209
  • traded rabbithero02, sig_cvrsed to vampire for peachclass02, sig_vampire
  • recieved bel01, badboy17, bisbiglio04, flughude05, shipon08, whiteblood09, avarice17, shikigami14, welcome04, insomnia04 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa237
  • recieved tigerpoet16, crownclip17, bandage18, holylance06, pebble08, blackhorns16, germany19, ignore15, meat18, sleeping10 from sillyblanks151
  • recieved watching08, tatari10, grandetoile08, return14, ogikubo11, fleurdelys01, neverland14, cytotoxic08, independent11, eternia17, dragonhead05, smokescreen08, mothers02, goraishi03, hottemper17, 2 purple crayons from beautypageant140
  • recieved solchakram17, cipher02, lively01, vexed09, druid15, loligothic09, darkking02, haa-chan08 from guessthecolor307
  • level up rewards: slugs20, bumbling12, honey06, 1 orange crayon
  • mastery rewards: pharmacist14, sorcery12, change03, 1 brown crayon
  • mastery rewards: peachclass13, yamaken12, negative-kun13, 1 red crayon
  • turned in funloving18 to deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa238

(+76, -9)

  • recieved judicial16, saberface15, furniture03, strategist13, spain02 from mostwanted54
  • traded tradition03, excluded02, allmate04 to wild_sage for enthrall10, femantags19, peachclass03
  • gifted cabbage06 to wild_sage
  • traded greatwitch14, indecision04 to wanderlast for stealsouls13, peachclass05
  • gifted slugs16 from crabg1rl
  • traded 0000000000107 to hellstarares for peachclass07
  • recieved idol02, pharmacist12, slugs18, peachclass10, cosplayidol06, cybernetic05, endless05, dexterous06, peachclass11, pharmacist13, endless04, idol03 from littlespellacademia249
  • turned in 1 red crayon to coloringbook297
  • traded vultur03 to sangonomiyas for peachclass04
  • traded tradition07 to aratakis for peachclass06
  • traded soleally07 for to larecrow for peachclass08
  • traded heartshaped12 to wachamachas for peachclass09

(+28, -11)

  • traded ryudoji12, whisper01, charity04, sailorcap14, kuro08, ansuz15, blazingyato13 to byakkun for 199816, blanket20, cybernetic20, furniture11, lastation17, lemu07, lemu19
  • recieved peachclass01, ectoplasm01, tvidol0, ao-chan06, heartshaped16, sig_cvrsed, mac04, dexterous02, pharmacist18 from feb release

(+16, -7)

  • traded dreamseer12, blackvoice20, dreamseer20, mocking10, lakeview06, lanling13, orcatrainer13, squadron15, torikou01 to sinew for curecoral18, fractureray06, evidol10, slugs17, megadrive11, usasan04, mimikins05, reasons01, yuri14

(+9, -9)

  • recieved slugs14, cybernetic04, otaku20, ddr19 from swapstation197
  • recieved 1 gray crayon, 2 brown crayon, 1 purple crayon from colorseum55
  • recieved sailorcap14, oshu11, sprite12, manderville14, security02, hinadolls13, meltylily12, ninjas05, chimchar06, designs10, equality17, silentway07, toolbox17, upbringing18, daichimaru16, seawitch07, outlaw13, effect09 from sillyblanks151
  • recieved dancer19, riders02, vengeful12, precure10, shinma16, southitaly09, tantrum20, crimson03, greatwitch14, goodfortune14, whisper01, color06, hamha01, yoshinon11, osu03, convinced15, heartbreak08, heartache10, doujinshi04, rejected16, pyroqueen10, juniorarmy01, stripes01, calamityhawk03, fakecopy13, lilactime17, devout06, gerudo13, lettuce07, shaft05, 1 purple crayon from puzzlechains248
  • recieved midnightdew08, snuggle16, zeref08, akitsukami08, terminal14, rosette12, four15, orange06 from readingbetweenthelines331
  • traded paperwork10, substitute17, variabeauties17, beastmaster14, disney16, heartcross12, leicester03, luckless20, mentor16, ooooo06, ricecake18, widow04 with admiral for dexterous04, dexterous07, dexterous20, mac10, pharmacist17, lolita14, lolita17, manba10, megadrive02, megadrive03, osaka04, otaku11


  • - turned in slugs10, cybernetic08, otaku03, ddr07 to swapstation197
  • - recieved america19, mrhc18, whitemouse17, vulcangun06, grape20, ansuz15, formal18, wildbear03, creaming17, virgin10, rosewood14, summer11, onlyreason17, psystrike18, ooooo06, telewarp10, krisna13, getaway16, sleep05, novels01, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon from stampcard036
  • - recieved mortician12, cabbage06, ares03, woodland19, history02 from stampcard037
  • level up rewards: mac05, leader14, predation19, 1 purple crayon
  • - turned in psypher03, helper15, bubbleluna11, augbirthday16, dogtags01, peaks08, timegear06, arrows19, arborea14, stands18, stands11, robots08, maleantags13, occidental10, husbands20, catsndogs18, lorddeath08, addicted12, nevarl16, sandy17, smolder14, duke18, mine11, sunwukong14, bombardment18 to valentines day chocolate stand


  • - traded manikatti16, artisabang06, prominence12 to vaini for ddr16, sugarmelody05, urusei02
  • - gifted gaia04 from gloomlee
  • - recieved social05, tripping13, gideon06, guts18, fingertip19, riverbank03, wolfcurse07 from hostclubgiveaway231
  • - recieved realeater14, fakehero08, sweep03, blazers05, venicillin06, wearsamask13, birdtheatre02, roughskin09 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa235

(+19, -3)

  • - recieved venoshock11, saberface16, variabeauties17, leicester04, holmes12 from mostwanted53
  • - gifted pharmacist07 from flurface
  • - mastery rewards: cosplayidol07, paperwork10, assertive06, 1 blue crayon


  • - gifted osaka02, otaku08, sharpshooter14, furniture04 from aratakis
  • - traded bl11, bornthisway04, extreme16, friendships16, securitycat10, yo-yo12 to aratakis for mac03, mac18, manba18, megadrive16, cybernetic08, fractureray15

(+10, -6)

  • - levelup rewards: slugs13, heartcross12, zoom16, 1 purple crayon
  • - traded zippo07, nerv13, bucket20, zangetsu17, 77-b02 to hellstarares for emblaze13, whitefang10, urusei13, femantags08, femantags09
  • - gifted slugs10 from syarapi
  • - gifted pharmacist10 from beezebeora
  • - gifted mac20 from factoryvampire
  • - traded onigauntlet09, steelclaws11, uranus14 to beezebeora for cosplayidol03, cosplayidol18, cybernetic08
  • - recieved slugs11, pharmacist07, cosplayidol05, boyish15, idol01, cybernetic04, endless03, dexterous03 from littlespellacademia248


  • - recieved x3 and x1 from colorseum
  • - recieved relaxed13, securitycat10, nests02, facade19, prize17, artisabang06, orcatrainer13, starling08, reptile18, ascian03, alamode03, hairpin01, theroadhome13, vienna09, orangejuice04, trichronika18, hymmeli19, maternal19, savanaclaw11, terrahammer16, module17, carrier18, blackvoice20, overload14, bulletfool07, dreamseer12, counseling09, springfairy08, woodensword18, memoria10, 1 red crayon from puzzlechains247
  • - recieved scooter15, tanagura19, at-low08, drag11, circus04, virtuous06, darkaurora17, excluded02 from readingbetweenthelines330
  • - turned in caged19, ancient01, starling08 to sillyblanks150
  • - recieved quickdraw07, referee04, icy09, 15106, bucket20, commute09, ginkgo10, demoneyes18, plainasia02, paramedic12, klarerwind01, romance06, mypace06, cocteau12, guile19, blue crayon, orange crayon
  • - recieved harus08, psypher03, helper15, bubbleluna11, watermelon15, augbirthday16 from decklover349
  • - recieved dogtags01, peaks08, ddr07, timegear06, arrows19, arborea14 from decklover350
  • - recieved himecuts07, stands18, stands11, robots08, mementos04, maleantags13 from decklover353
  • - recieved occidental10, husbands20, anima01, earthelmt09, catsndogs18, headphones16 decklover354
  • - recieved lorddeath08, addicted12, sugarmelody16, nevarl16, sandy17 from nocontexttheatre299
  • - recieved mimikins01, smolder14, duke18, mine11, sunwukong14 from nocontexttheatre300
  • - recieved bombardment18, brutalswing16, kuro08, usasan10, seakingdom15 from nocontexttheatre303
  • - gifted pharmacist20 from neverbepractical
  • - gifted boyish18 from lingon
  • - gifted boyish12, mac01 from sangonomiyas
  • - recieved auction12, apologetic05, vulnerable18, lakeview06, exeter13, tactless02, cabbit06, scilab14, possessive18, jyuuken05, crabstache12, crimsonvs19, 1 brown crayon from ladyluckslots092
  • - gifted slugs10 from hellstarares

(+93, -3)

  • - recieved otaku09 from swapstation196
  • - recieved boyish19 from byakkun
  • - recieved coronia08, 199810, byakko13, lowborn20, curemiracle10, nobodies07, gemdust13, nose02, abraxas14, tamer18, fraujade04, erasure10 from directions163
  • - recieved raccoon05, ailecrono10, starrysea15, onigauntlet09, robber11, 20million02, arba20, strain13, deltaflight03 from sillyblanks149


  • - turned in watchfuleye05, soujutsu10, risuners07, protective10, engokuki08, fimbulventr16, ko14, littlegirl08, gadgets07, painbreaker05 to valentines day chocolate stand
  • - recieved slugs09 from misheard
  • - recieved boyish13 from aratakis
  • - recieved boyish14 from larecrow
  • - turned in otaku03 to swapstation196

(-11, +3)

  • - sketchpad rewards: widow04, hre09, 1 gray crayon
  • - received leicester03, bl11, holmes16, obnoxious17, laser10 from mostwanted52
  • - donation rewards: bountifully01, momokan07, design10, 1 purple crayon
  • - traded harp09, lovesick13 to penguinknitter for otaku03, stealsouls11
  • (+12,-2)

  • - recieved dwn-03405, denpakei13, yo-yo12, hats13, sarcastic08, flowerpin16, wealth02, beastmaster14 from deleteshiritoriwithkumagawa234
  • - recieved lor08, gaterune17, extreme16, sakurafubuki08, haru04, utilitarian03, naoko20, arcusprima10 from readingbetweenthelines329
  • - recieved engokuki08, uranus14, unease13, whisker01, japan03, drunk02, nun05, blazingyato13, 58yearsold17, infiltrator13, p-chan17, mentor16, luckless20, ricecake18, bleep18, lollipops12, usu12, 10join04, spandex13, cattle07, deargho08, nude03, mocking10, onee-sama19, shinsei18, celestizam08, scholarship19, shadowsword11, magoroku14, charity04, 1 green crayon from puzzlechains246
  • recieved gaia15, cybernetic02, vampires01, endless02, slugs08, pharmacist05, gaia17, gaia18, gaia19, pharmacist06, boyish09, boyish11, cybernetic03 from littlespellacademia247
  • mastery rewards: pharmacist07, impetuous15, watchfuleye05, 1 orange crayon
  • level up rewards: pharmacist08, police12, allmate04, 1 brown crayon
  • (+46)

  • - traded archaeology11, cauldron19, amarcian09, loyalty02, laser11, lycoris11, reckon08, redgem17, techniques19, youngmen08, blranking01 for urusei12, cybernetic11, darktact04, ddr07, djdragon05, djdragon15, excitable12, mac02, mac14, native05, reasons10, servant09, tao10, usasan17, whitefang01
  • (+11, -15)

  • - recieved runesage15, summerfairy03, reckon08, horseriding18, elemental18, faintsmile04, lionsguard12, bubblegum07, oasi09, youngmen08, darkhunter12, calories05, mornings09, beatcall11, 1 blue crayon from hostclubgiveaway230
  • - recieved fimbulventr16, brightnight04, biometals14, assassins19, hellmaster07, gastanets02 from ladyluckslots091
  • - recieved moe04, masterwolf12, loyalty02, cementarii02, zippo07 from stampcard036
  • - turned in excitable18 to swapstation195
  • - recieved excitable08 from swapstation195
  • - traded laser17, laidback07, kerberous07, papa05, trygle12, singlemom13, heartjack05, killme18, ortonik09, sig_cvrsed to lenga for fuzzball04, osaka12, osaka17, toadstool04, whitefang17, otaku03, otaku09, otaku20, sig_lenga

(+34, -10)

  • - turned in gift09 to stampcard036
  • - sketchpad rewards: nerv13, elemio12, pikopiko10, seafood12, 2 purple crayons
  • - recieved pharmacist19 from hopes
  • - traded sunflower02 to flurface for cosplayidol12
  • - traded loner10, suba-tomo16 to moes for pharmacist11, bag08


  • - recieved curecoral06 from elluka
  • - recieved lyre20, magnus17, idol04, archaeology11, amarcian09, baira09, laidback07, soujutsu10, laser17, laser11, 77-b02, wayfarer18, kirinfang16, darkening11, storybooks19, zangetsu17 from colouringbook295
  • - recieved heartjack05, cauldron19, substitute17, ancient01, bornthisway04 from mostwanted51
  • - levelup rewards: gaia12, kyokugen07, friendships16, 1 purple crayon


  • - traded kuro05 to misheard for boyish16
  • - recieved alphonse12, journey06, ko14, reasons19, permafrost03, envoy01, protective10, sadistic20, 1 gray crayon from playerreport234
  • - turned in 1 orange crayon to colouringbook295
  • - traded trackstar17, leominor11 to aratakis for vampires13, pharmacist09
  • - recieved clawmyheart13, dexterous01, clawmyheart17, gaia05, pharmacist03, clawmyheart18, boyish08, cosplayidol02, clawmyheart20 from littlespellacademia247
  • - recieved gaia11, vitalcheck15, femantags06, 1 green crayon from mastering clawmyheart

(+8, -1)

  • - recieved mocchi08, athanaton04, lanling13, alcohol07, kuro05, fruity18, chu-hi03, strategies04, wary11, loner10, softthings19, shoutoku14, sunflower02, torikou01, spells05, tears07, callous11, risuners07, eloquent16, level114, painbreaker05, animusphere12, boblennon18, speaking05, shogun13, raijuu09, trackstar17, erasure10, sweatdrops02, kittywitch09, 1 green crayon from puzzlechains245
  • - recieved gaia16, clawmyheart15, clawmyheart16 from admiral
  • - traded gangster12 to larecrow for usasan07
  • - traded bomb14, uldah03, goodcop11 to neverbepractical for runesage03, runesage13, runesage15
  • - recieved excitable10, excitable17, excitable18 from neverbepractical

(+40, -4)

  • - recieved vampires10, dreamseer20, littlegirl08, code01613, winddance13, redtiger06, leominor11, cain15, seal09, ninjaclub14 from sillyblanks147


  • - traded brawn16 to neverbepractical for lolita07

(+1, -1)

  • - received tsundere12, native07 from switchitup207


  • - traded car04, ghosthand10, pullcord06 to byakkun for cosplayidol04, cosplayidol09, cosplayidol11
  • - traded clearing02, intelligent11, bite16 to aratakis for mac06, osaka16, otaku01
  • - traded cynical09, lonewolf12, gacharolls17 to for vegetarian05, whitefang15, whitefang19

(+6, -6)

  • - recieved clawmyheart11, clawmyheart12, cynical09, djdragon06, razorfan20, lycoris11, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon from levelling up


  • - recieved slugs07, pharmacist02, boyish07, clawmyheart07, clawmyheart10, gaia04, clawmyheart08, clawmyheart09 from jan release


  • - turned in average09, thornqueen03 to sillyblanks147


  • recieved boyish05, clawmyheart03, furniture01, gaia10, slugs05, clawmyheart04, clawmyheart05, clawmyheart06, twindrill04, pharmacist01 from littlespellacadamia245


  • - recieved suba-tomo16, paranormal06, thornqueen03, 1 yellow crayon from scrapbook265
  • - traded vaniville07, skye02, roadless05, eats01 to sanshoku for slugs12, twindrill18, usasan14, toadstool16

(+7, -4)

  • - recieved flamingo15, birdcalls03, twili01, piano01, daathic18, nyoro02, shooter04, disney16, innkeeper18, translator08, ortonik09, stigma10 from directions161


  • - recieved charge01, dwn-04318, bomb14, sporty06, letters04, countess05, aetheryte08, mona06, hikkikomori03, cares19, dove19, sweettooth08, mystdata12, cureearth16, memorywipe20, brawn16, vegetarian01, replay11, policewoman08, summons05, novice11, eats01, manba16, skye02, sunlight08, uldah03, flankshot14, bystander10, bag12, cinnamon02, 1 brown crayon from puzzlechains242
  • - recieved shut-in08, guiltycrown12, redgem17, libera12, whispered04, nemurin09, lovesick13, sphinx05 from readingbetweenthelines325


  • - traded songofjoy20, magichair11, snowflake16, agrabah11 to gloomlee for camerawoman16, excitable18, bullseye12, blanket17
  • - recieved wetsuit11, intelligent11, furniture02, prominence12, yukiatsu12, boxer11, kerberous07, servant02, lastation02, hyakume19 from sillyblanks144
  • - traded boxer13 to hellstarares for bullseye11
  • - recieved x1 from hellstarares


  • - recieved bullseye08, bite16, roadless05, blranking01, gangster12 from mostwanted47


  • - recieved boyish04, slugs04, toadstool02, lolita01, ddr01, stealsouls02, utsuwa01, gaia03, cybernetic01, endless01, lemu01, megadrive01 from littlespellacademia243
  • - recieved slugs19 from sanshoku


  • - recieved gaia13, gaia14, gaia20 from neverbepractical
  • - traded prithivi14 to neverbepractival in exchange for boyish20

(+4, -1)

  • - recieved gaia06, gaia07 from moes
  • - traded pharmacist15, twindrill15, utsuwa14 to byakkun in exchange for anne18, breeder05, shakti09
  • - recieved duckcurse02, naginata10, boxer13, tonic15, ultrasouls01, steelclaws11, papa05, clearing02, vaniville07, manikatti16, verycute13, earthpulse14, whitecloud14, kaminomimi20, thecrow01, pururun04, toeflash07, 100friends15, padlock07, fuzzball05, stg14, singlemom13, techniques19, caged19, frustrated06, curesunny16, funloving18, average09, harp09, whitefang06, 1 orange crayon from puzzlechains241


  • - recieved agrabah11, snowflake16, gadgets07, gacharolls17, incinerate02, lonewolf12, marginal15, anne18, bokken15, leo11, trygle12, breeder04, phones16, kataomoi08, prithivi14, coordinator06, spiritforest04, shakti09 from sillyblanks143
  • - recieved boyish10 from misheard
  • - turned in incinerate02, phones16 to sillyblanks144


  • - traded priderock11 to gloomlee in exchange for boyish06
  • - traded eyeball19 to moes in exchange for boyish17
  • - traded neverland19 to xmenfan2001 in exchange for twindrill02
  • - traded blranking06 to koinuko_colors in exchange for slugs03

(-4, +4)

  • - turned in oblock03, accused13 to sillyblanks143
  • - recieved twindrill03, gaia01, nyamo01, tao01, enthrall02, boyish01, clawmyheart01 from puzzlechains241
  • - recieved utsuwa13, utsuwa20, runesage09, runesage19, excitable09 from crabg1rl
  • - traded commandteam14, fiancee02, fishidol05, gridman06 to crabg1rl in exchange for gaia08, pharmacist16, camerawoman13, chips16
  • - traded badcompany04 to aratakis in exchange for stealsouls07
  • - traded bunnies02, redsea02 to misheard in exchange for slugs06, slugs15
  • - traded dragonhead06 to prisma in exchange for gaia09
  • - traded eo15 to koinuko_colors in exchange for stealsouls15

( -14 , +24)

  • - recieved neverland19, camerawoman17, incinerate02, fishidol05, chips20, eyeball19, commandteam14, reason09, utsuwa07, snowflake16, gacharolls17, runesage12 from directions159


  • - received lonewolf12, gadgets07, fiancee02, excitable13, marginal15, anne18, oblock03, gaia02, accused13, bokken15, priderock11, agrabah11, x1, x1, x1, x1 from artlessons321


  • - received clawmyheart02 from wanderlast


  • - received x2 and x2 from tophatcats

  • - bonus card pharmacist04, dragonhead06
  • - joined TCG! starter pack : clawmyheart19 , clawmyheart14, fatherduma02, eo15, suave10, boyish03, snowboard20, elrond15