hello hello and welcome to my touhou shrine..
now where do i start when it comes to touhou...? i do not know.. my earliest memory of interacting with anything touhou was those marisa stole the precious thing and the U.N owen was her MADs! [thank you osu! hardest map ever of all time video by wubwoofwolf] i do not know what my 9 year old brain was on at that time but wow was i obsessed with those videos! especially the error remixes... those were awesome lolol i used to think that was possible to do on a computer which i guess it is but it would take a lot of time getting timings right and i would make it myself but i do not have the time to... now off the topic of computers and back to touhou!

if you didnt know, touhou is a series of shoot em up games created by ZUN in which the girls fly in the air and go pewpewppwepwpepwepewppewpe KABOOM and really nice music and i like them.

with the games? i am TRASH i am SO BAD at bullet hell games.. however i am improving.. one day i will 100% one of the games without continuing.. howweever i am good at ehm rhythm games and turn based strategy games...

my favourite game ost as a whole is... idk and i cannot choose! but some of my favourite songs are reisen's theme (which i can play half of on my keyboard aaahahaha), mokou's theme, alice's theme and yukari's theme!! now here is all the stuff i have in those games.. you do not have to read them but you can if you want :]

lost word

hover over for stats!

my favorite characters are: reisen, flandre and orin cause they are awesome and cool..

do i have a fumo? not aaat the moment... but i do plan to obtain one!!!!!! of reisen