welcome to my ukagaka shrine! here i will go over what ukagakas are and where you can get some... and also share some of my own..

what are ukagakas?

an ukagaka [or 何か/ghost] is pretty much just a silly little desktop buddy... yeah! and there are lots of them and there are so many different features in each ghost... such as minigames and friend mechanics and one ghost being able to talk to other ghosts on screen.. it is really cool! they also provide useful functions such as emptying your recycle bin every now and then and checking your mail... and also they all need a host... i would reccomend SSP, its the one i use! some popular ghosts that i see flying round the 'net are!

this is one i have been seeing alot! nanika is actually called nise-haruna and she comes from nise-personaware, which is a freeware alternative to personaware.. she has a side-kick called unyuu and from my knowledge she has the basic features that your usual ghost has!

digital witch mayura
i personally do not know much about mayura, but she is a ghost which has her own backstory! and also has a cool hat! she also has a unyuu side-kick, and did you know she has her own game? its a shoot-em-up which i was unable to 100% :[ i also tried using her once but i could not and i cant remember why!

here are some awesome websites in which you can find many many ghosts to make your friends and some resources too!!


the rest of this space will be filled by ghosts that i make myself... i have one in development actually i just have not done anything with it for a good while! =w=
also here is a cool server i think you should join if you are interested into this stuff