revenge of the sunfish..

the coolest but insanest game i have ever played...

this game is quite very interesting i think.. each level is supposed to be its own little game and the story line is non-linear.. so you have to piece the story up yourself (if possible)

whenever you die twice in a level you get sent to the next level which i think is a neat feature in some ways but also really annoying cause i dont get to explore the levels well :'[ can download this game


i have been playing this game on and off since 2012 and made an account in 2013..

this image is the only relic i have from my early days of playing roblox.. i think this screenshot is from some sort of tycoon game!


I HATE THIS STUPID STORE. COSTCO : HOME OF THE ROBOTS. COSTCO: CORPORATE PARADISE. This place is the REAL america simulator. large parking lots, hard to navigate, XXX.99 prices need i say more. THIS PLACE SUCKS AND I HATE IT SO MUCH. it is so unbelievably overwhelming, nothing is labelled clearly, everyone in that place is truly a robot and my brain cannot fathom that costco IS A REAL THING! i hope somehow something tragic happens and costco has to shut down all of their stores including the ones in the UK. oh and also their food sucks.