warning!!! some of these pages have autoplay music in them!! WELCOME TO WHAT I WOULD SAY IS THE BEST WEBSITE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the mess..... will tidy it up soon!
i am ur webmaster....... host.......... owner... watever u want to refer to me as: CVRSED!!! i like 2 make musicss and i like computers and cats and music ^____^ they are my most favourite things in the world. so that is what this page will be about! aaaand other things i want 2 talk about..

here is a quick rundown on all the pages on this site!

a page about me!

a page for my musics! credit to h3 for it! its so awesome

dream log
a log for my dreams so that i can remember them

cd collection
a place to flex how many cds i have B] [not finished]

tech shrine
a place for me to info dump about technology i like

ukagaka shrine
a place for me to talk about ghosts and show u guys my own ghosts

touhou shrine
a place for me to talk about touhou bcoz its cool! and how bad i am at danmaku games [not finished]

sonic shrine
a place for me to talk about the fast blue hedgehog and his friends and enemies

cat parade
the cat parade! what else is there to it?

the place where i experiment with stuffs in my free time which i have none of right now...[not finished]

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