who am i?


im cvrsed/goiioo4/fIoppydisk/whatever other alias i go by, the ultimate webmaster owner of this site on the 'net... please refer to me as "they" or "he" thank you.

i am not the best at describing myself so take from this whatever you can.

i am an alien cat and to me this site is my own little house.. i love computers, and cats, and the colour purple, and dithering, and the biohazard symbol!!

i like to make stuff and draw and make music and be creative. from many reviews from other people i am "weird but cool in your own way". one day i wish to have all the computers and gadgets and cats in the world.



i am so so infactuated with these metal boxes and what goes on inside of them.. whilst also simultaneously hating them. FOR SO MANY YEARS!!! computers are my most favourite things to exist ever.. and i like making them do things! it is very fun..


i like to collect things. right now i have a a ton of optical media which you can find here. i am also taking part in colours tcg, which is an online trading card game. my collection is here.


i enjoy making music, most of which you can find here. some of the songs that are up on bandcamp are not up on my soundcloud because i really do not like them anymore!!

with the help of h3 (they did the most of it really), here is (almost) ALL the music i have made (+ a really cool visualiser)


i have cool dreams which i like to journal about here. apparently a friend from my compsci class constantly checks for updates on my dream journal, so for you specially i have made an rss feed (not finished wait)!!


honk shoo mimmimiimimi


despite the fact i am not the best at it and i can't accurately put my brain on the paper/screen i think its fun.. maybe one day i will share the things i make (when i think they are good enough!)

i also really like making characters.. the most recent character i have created is a catgirl called faeline who drinks chemicals.

images that r me

likes + dislikes

likes everything mentioned on this website + millipedes, short vns, 3d modelling, minecraft, terraria and i think that's all

dislikes: spaghetti, applesauce, light touches, loud crowds and whoever wants to associate my site with a "-core"!!

contacting me

email: cvrs@null.net

xmpp: cvrsed@xmpp.jp

places to find me