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hello and welcome to my site 4.0!! i am very bad at keeping with one layout for a long time, so expect this site to change drastically every other month!

as said before in other versions of this site, this will be a place for me to talk about things that i like!

as a brief introduction, i am cvrsed and i like computers, cats and music so so much, and i also like many other things but they are too much to list here. and i also own ths place!!!! please head here if you would like to know more about me a slight bit more in depth.

whats this site for?

something something hurr durr social media uhh this site is a hub for me, and me things. i don't think there is a true focus to this site as there are so many things i want to focus on! but i guess i can say that this is a site focused on me and my interests.


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i think i may stop working on this site for a while, i have exams in 2 months!!

latest media

yay 2997


 14/03/23 - added dream chest and mostly tcg updates..

28/02/23 - drafted out my ukagaka fanlisting!! the layout is not the best but it is only temporary for now!! check it out here!

23/02/23 - you now do not have to scroll forever... i have realised that i have been focusing way more on tcg related stuff than my actual site,,, i have less things to do now so be prepared to see more outside of colors tcg,,, also added and removed some things,, ya.

16/02/23 - new shrine!! dedicated to kidorikko. the coolest band ever... check it out here!

15/02/23 - new layout (again), reorganised most things, added colours tcg related things here, new counter on index!!

22/12/22 - a new layout.. and new (almost) everything! i am really sorry for the site being down for so long.. there has been a lot happening! but my site is back now. B] please look forward to future updates!

26/09/22 - early halloween update!!!! enjoy the redness,, and the first ever secret page on this site!!

26/08/22 - many rehauls to many different pages.. and a shiny new souvenirs page!!! take all u want! i think this will be the last major update for a good while because i am starting year 2 of college and i want to get good grades!!

10/08/22 - say hello to my experiments page! hopefully by the end of this year there will be a lot more stuff than there was before! i have removed the links page as it is a slight bit redundant but do not worry as i have more stuffs for you to leave with anyways...

02/08/22 - say hello to the rhythm game shrine!!!

11/07/22 - new layout! part 5 annnd tidied up code of all pages and now things look awesomer and not broken B]

16/06/22 - the ultimatest most EVILEST UPDATE!!! new a lot of things this time... new everything really!

15/05/22 - grand opening of the music page!!! very massive thanks to h3! you should check out his stuff too i think

5/05/22 - grand opening of the ukagaka shrine!! may the 5th be with you..

01/05/22 - nothing much!! just changed the size of the main container thinga-ma-jig and added some kewl shiny buttons to the bottom of the page you are on right now... and also some more stuff in the sonic shrine =w= oh and about too!!

30/04/22 - le bugfixing that i did not notice and return of the cat parade..

16/04/22 - completely redid the theme kind of bc i am very indecisive!

23/03/22 - cleaned up some code and added a dreamlog!

23/02/22 - loots of updates... added more to the about page n moved the cat parade!

31/12/21 - added an about me page!! and happy new year ^_^

28/12/21 - i welcome in le cat parade, infos and
cool sites.. and also new pages... this update should not have taken me this long hahaha

28/09/21 - added changelog and some other stuffs.. ya


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